TERMIS-AM 2016 Spraybase Stand

termis-blogTERMIS-AM is an annual meeting held in America each year, that brings together researchers, trainees, administrators from academia, government, and industry to discuss developments in the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine field. It's a great venue for innovation and ideas in the fields of tissue engineering, biomaterials, stem cells, and regenerative medicine. Spraybase has a display at this confernce.

TERMIS-AM 2016 - is being held in San Diego, CA on December 11-14, 2016. The theme for the 2016 meeting is “Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine: Personalized and Precise Science, Engineering, and Translation”; reflecting the amazing strides the industry has made to become one of the fastest growing segments in the medical market.

In the field of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Machine, Avectas, the maker of Spraybase®, is a leading provider of innovative and world class laboratory instruments.

Spraybase is the equipment of choice for researchers and scientistists employing electrospinning techniques around the globe. Their equipment in the fields of Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering, Wound Healing, Drug Delivery, Particle Generation, and Encapsulation.

Spraybase has created the world’s first integrated and fully customizable benchtop instrument that allows researchers to perform electrospinning and electrospraying with a diverse range of polymers, proteins, biologics and more. It is designed for unparalleled ease of use, safety, reproducibility and flexibility. SyringePumpPro controls the infusion pump(s) used, providing precise and programmable flows.

Taking SyringePumpPro to new places

Spraybase is growing fast, thanks to the brilliance of their instruments, which means my SyringePumpPro software is off to some new homes around the world!

Ellen Byrne, Spraybase
Attending TERMIS-AM 2016?

If you’re attending TERMIS-AM in San Diego on December 11-14, please drop by on Ellen at BOOTH #103 and say Hi from Timb.

My thanks to Ellen for providing some photos of the Spraybase stand.


New Scientific Paper

Congratulations and a shout to Prof Savas Kaya et al on the release of their new paper:

An Automated Perifusion System for Modifying Cell Culture Conditions over Time

In their work they used two syringe infusion pumps to deliver complex patterns of media/nutrients over time to cell cultures.

This paper does give some details of connecting pumps, writing pump programs and operating pumps with SyringePumpPro. It's available under the Open Access program - so you can download it and read it.


At WBC2016 World Biomaterials Congress in Montreal

WBC2016 banner

Spraybase electrospinningSyringePumpPro will be at the 2016 World Biomatierals Congress in Montreal later this month!

Sadly I personally won't be attending, but Ellen and the Spraybase Team will be there demonstrating their wonderful electro-spraying and electro-spinning equipment, which uses SyringePumpPro to control the infusion pumps they use.

See Spraybase (and my SyringePumpPro) at booth 1313. Go through the main entrance turn right and head for the centre of the wall.




RS-232 pump connections - DON'T USE THE DB9

Had a report recently from a customer who said my software constantly crashed. My software shouldn't' crash - ever but there will be problems from time to time - I can't test everything. When I learn of crash behaviour - I test and try to duplicate and then resolve the problem.

I asked the customer for a photo to check the cable hook up and some other diagnostic information. He very kindly and quickly got back to me with the items I requested.

pumpnetworkconnectorstocomputerhighlightThere in one of the photos was the rear panel of the pump, with the data cable to his communications port connected to the pumps' input/output port and NOT the RS232 port of the pump.

I admit I don't test my software for what it does when the cabling isn't correct.

This isn't the first time someone has used the DB9 for communications. I think the reason is simple - folks with a bit of experience of computers and equipment got used to the DB9 connector as being a communications port in the past.

Sadly, I don't have access to the customer's setup, so I can't test that cable and see if my software crashes because of this hook up - I can't imagine why it would - but I guess it depends a lot on the signals that were being passed into the communications port.

Update: Customer got the correct cable from his supplier and SyringePumpPro started working immediately!

How To Connect Pumps To A Computer


Parts list for connecting computers and laboratory pumps


V1 File Permissions in restrictive environments

A few customers (notably in Universities and Government organizations) are reporting difficulties with installations that are file permissions related. This article is designed for showing the IT person what permissions to set where so that SyringePumpPro can run.

Notes for the IT person

Locate this directory for the user account which is to be used with SyringePumpPro.

If you have multiple user accounts, then you will need to copy the contents of this directory to each user.


  • The directory cache must be available for r/w operations by the user account that operates SyringePumpPro. Each run session temporary files are created and destroyed in this folder.
  • The directory PPL and all files and subdirectories must be available for r/w operations by the user account that operates SyringePumpPro. Each run session temporary files are created and destroyed in this folder.
  • The directory PPLSpreadsheets must be available for r/w operations by the user account that operates SyringePumpPro. Each run session temporary files are created and destroyed in this folder.
  • The file pumps - pumps.spplog needs to be r/w for the user account.
  • The file syringedata - syringedata.txt needs to be r/w for the user account.

With the above permissions set, SyringePumpPro should be fully operational for the user account.

Please email me This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask any questions or report any further issues you may have at your site. This will help me fine tune this for other IT guys/girls all over the world.