Refund Policy

MoneyUSDSinglesIt's my goal to make sure every customer is treated as a friend, and I do everything within my power to make sure you are happy with your purchase and how I have treated you.

SyringePumpPro is available as a 14 day free trial, which allows you to explore the software and see if it will be of use to you. You then choose to purchase based on your experience with the software.

So I can improve SyringePumpPro, I ask that you:

  • tell me why your are requesting a refund
  • if you are experiencing technical problems, please give me a chance to correct them and make you happy.

How to get a refund

My refund process is as follows:

  1. Fill in a refund request form and email it to me - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  2. I will respond with a couple of simple steps to deactivate your license key and remove the software from your computer.
  3. You then provide proof that you have deactivated the license and remove the software in accordance with my instructions.
  4. I will make a full refund less the fees that the payment provider charges me. If you pay by Credit Card or Paypal or bank transfer - there will be different fees. Note I will not refund any International Transaction Fees charged by my bank.

To obtain your refund, please print this form, fill it out, and post it to the address on the form.

As soon as I receive the completed form I will refund your purchase price.

refund formicon Click here to download the refund request form.

Why is the form needed?

SyringePumpPro includes technology I license from other companies, and as such I pay royalties to these companies.  To meet my obligation to these other companies, and avoid having to pay royalties on your refunded purchase, I must have a signed refund form on file as proof.